Hiding it all away

One of my eternal makeup battles seems to be that of concealer.

Partly it is an ongoing battle because there appears to be an ever growing list of parts of my face that I’d like to conceal, but also because it’s like shopping for a ghost. If I didn’t still have freckles my face without foundation would be like the undead. And I quite like going without foundation.

My current concealer rotation consists of four…


This is one of my two cheapest concealers and is one of the two most used. Indeed it’s probably the most used as it lives in my carry around cosmetics bag. Shade wise it’s spot on, but longevity wise it is frustratingly short lived. However, the convenience and portability of the pencil makes up for that somewhat.

Laura Mercier Candleglow conceal and highlight

The most expensive and the least used of my concealers. I bought into the sales lady’s schtick about coverage for dark circles and no need to use other concealers on top. On me it most definitely does not do that. I look suspiciously like I have crayola’d my face. I keep trying. The tube is beautiful and it cost me too much to abandon. I fear though it’s a losing battle unless somehow my face becomes more apricot.

Bare Minerals Bareskin

For a long time this was my only concealer and even once the pencil appeared in my life it was my Home concealer. It is a nice consistency and lasts pretty well. However, it was a “good enough” shade rather than good. This faces temporary demotion to under eye concealer while Laura isn’t pulling her weight.

Collection Lasting Perfection

The reason Bare Minerals has been demoted is thanks to this, the most inexpensive of the bunch. It’s a bit more watery than its contemporaries but a bit of dabbing with a beauty sponge, a little dash of powder and tada! Excellent lasting power. Most importantly though it is actually the same shade I am. It is a limited shade range but if you are fortunate enough to be one of the four shades then it is money well spent.

In my concealer queue at the moment (yes I have makeup queues) is Urban Decay’s Naked Skin so I will be interested to see how that competes against Collection. Since it seems that price has been no indication of performance so far!

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