Your eyelashes aren’t black

My mother has had objections to a number beauty products over the years. The most vehement objection she continues to have though is against black mascara.

Her main objection and justification for refusals in my early years of make up buying was that “your eyelashes aren’t black”. I tried to articulate that this was sort of the point, but at 13 I imagine it came out as a series of petulant whines.

Picture from Amazon

Her compromise though was clear mascara. It wasn’t just a compromise for me, but for herself too. Clear mascara is the only type she will consider wearing and it’s paucity on the high street in recent years has led to her not wearing any for a good few years.

Current me would agree totally though with 13 year old me. It was completely pointless. I was permitted one layer of the stuff and all it did was make my eyelashes stick to each other. This resulted in a rock solid mono-lash.

It may be that formulas now mean that clear mascara performs as well as my little noir essentials, but I still don’t quite get the point.

My mother on the other hand has finally come around to the idea of online shopping now that she knows clear mascara still lives.

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