Starlight star bright

When I read about highlighters in my Usbourne book of makeup they didn’t sound like any kind of nonsense I’d want to be involved with. I stayed away from them for a good number of years. Literally until December 2017.

I was a fool. A naive fool. Highlight is glorious. The product that introduced me to this beautiful shiny world was Pixi Liquid Illuminator from Hello Glow.

Photo from Pixi Beauty

Most of December it is a genuine miracle that drivers weren’t blinded by the reflection coming off my face. Never having known the glory of highlight before I was, frankly, piling it on. I was fast going to run out so sped to the shops to get more Pixi highlights.

Fortunately sanity prevailed and I have toned down my highlight usage to just the essentials. Most days that means nose bridge and cheek bones. Days when I feel like death it means the whole face.

So far I have only Pixi highlighters so I’d like some recommendations; what highlight should be my next purchase?

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