Fluttery lashes

As a contact lens and spectacle wearer I spent a long time feeling like mascara wasn’t a place for me. Opticians (usually of the male variety it has to be said) would tell me how pleased they were that I didn’t have any on, and then unbidden tell me some horror story of mascara getting behind contact lenses. So mascara-less I stayed.

This lack of lash wear continued, endorsed by a series of opinionated males in my life (that’s a whole other blog post). Until I got one in an Advent calendar which I’d bought myself as a treat. I didn’t wear it very often, but when I did…oh my.

I came to Eyeko in the same way as the other mascara. It came in a box. It clearly wasn’t free, but somehow it felt like a gift.

Photo from Eyeko

The first one was Sport  which slightly scared me initially since “waterproof” sounds in my head like “never going to come off”. Fortunately it does come off. I cannot however, testify to the waterproofness since I don’t apply it on the bottom lashes and I don’t cry upside down. Also I have not indulged in any swimming type things for ages. It took me a while to work out how to use the bent applicator, but once I’d stopped stabbing myself in the eye. It was great.

I treated myself to the Eyeko Supereyes Box which is a box of random things from their range. Frustratingly I got the same mascara again (along with some other bits and bobs), but undeterred I hit the Space NK sale and got myself Black Magic and Lash Alert . I am currently using Black Magic and am even more in love with the idea of mascara than before.

Eyeko seem to be a hit for me – what else should I try?


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