Miles and chamomiles

I confess I am a multi-step cleaner. Two is my minimum; three-four is entirely possible. I know, I have a problem. One of my essential end of the day cleaning materials is The Body Shop “Camomile Balm”. (Though I take issue with their spelling of chamomile!)

I wouldn’t have bought something with chamomile in; the word instantly conjures up chamomile tea, the most disgusting of all herbal teas. And I drink green tea.

Image from The Body Shop

The balm came in a Body Shop advent calendar, and my bias against the flower did result in some cynicism. But it came in the calendar so I made an effort to try it. I’ve never used a balm before this, and in my approach to logic dictates that it’s a gross and bonkers way to clean your face. It looks like the sort of thing you would wax your car with. I am not a car. Though a man on the internet once told me I looked like the back of a bus, but I still don’t need polishing like a 28 bus.

It luckily isn’t anything like car wax (maybe a little) and is sort of like magic when it melts in your hands. I know this isn’t magic, it’s just different melting points, but it feels like magic. It has some impressive make up removal powers, and doesn’t smell of disgusting tea at all.

I don’t use it to take eye-make up off, I have seen people on YouTube do this, but I am too much of a scaredy cat. I do have the Eye Makeup remover from the same range, however, it stings me. Which seems counter-intuitive given chamomile is meant to be soothing.

The balm also seems to be lasting forever. In the time I have been using the pot I have I have finished one bottle of Bi-Facil, almost finished a bottle of Vitamin E Oil Cleanser, finished one liquid cleaner and am 1/3 of the way through another. I am not even halfway through the balm. It seems to last forever.

I still think that chamomile tea is disgusting and gross, and is not going to calm me in any shape of form. The balm however, is staying with me. Even if I feel like I’m waxing a car.

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