I love bright shades. As a late teenager I had two wardrobes; one was full of the requisite black items for maudlin teens the world over, the other hosted school uniform and a rainbow of clothes. I have yet to meet a part of the rainbow I don’t like.

This is what I assume compelled me into buying a trio of No17 eyeshadows in the brightest pink, yellow and green. I cannot find a picture of the exact set, but if you were to look at the Huda Electric Obsessions palette you wouldn’t be a million miles away.

Even at 18 I could see that luminous pink on my eyes was not a good look; I looked like some terrifying horror doll. The yellow and green however, I felt like I could carry off. I’m somewhat impressed with my confidence in wearing such bright makeup, given that in every other way I was trying to blend into the background.

After a while it finally dawned on me that I could use the pink as a lipstick, and went about spending my weekends looking like a demonstration board for a neon light shop. Except when I had any of my short-lived weekend jobs, since they all banned makeup. And there is no way you can hide that you have neon green eyeshadow on.

My confidence in wearing such bright shades dropped off about 8 months after buying it, so into the drawer it went, never to appear again. If I could justify the usage from that Huda palette I would buy that I still love brights.


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