An ordinary thing

As I write this in late February 2018 ( I’m a manic scheduler of posts) Deciem is mostly in the beauty news for the wrong reasons. So I’m honestly not sure if The Ordinary foundation will still exist. All that said. It’s a product that I use and like so I’m going to talk about it, not the Instagram drama.

Foundations will never be my favourite make up item. I am not at the stage where I use daily, but I am at the stage where I appreciate what they can do for me. My skin is pretty good, but I’m a human female with a barrage of hormones and a not always amazing diet. So I’m happy to embrace the power of coverage when necessary.

Picture from The Ordinary

I don’t, however, like feeling like I’m wearing a mask full of make up. Too many counter make overs have put me right off traditional full coverage. I am drawn towards anything that sounds like it won’t feel as though I’m wearing makeup, so Serum foundation has pretty good odds. Add to that the cost – lower than low- and the availability of pastier than death himself shades, and I was sold on The Ordinary.

It claims to be high coverage, but I’m not really sure what their comparison is. It isn’t full coverage and even when I’ve tried layering it on, it doesn’t get much more cover-y. It is, though, a really pleasing texture; liquid enough to go on smoothly, but thick enough that you don’t end up with it everywhere. It doesn’t shift over the course of a day (although I do set) and looks pretty good come 5pm. That is, if you use just the one layer. When you’ve built it up, because you are, for example paranoid that you look like the undead, it starts to look quite creased by the end of the day.

I have 1.0N and this matches me well – for reference I am Porcelain in Laura Mercier and Alabaster in Bobbi Brown. Though, given that I was buying over the internet it was pot luck. I can imagine if you fall in the middle tones you might end up with quite a collection before hitting on the right one.

The bottle is, despite the price, very nice quality. It is solid and the pump works nicely – I am a fan of pumps. I have a few of The Ordinary’s skincare products which would benefit from pumps instead of the “let’s pretend we’re in a lab” droppers.

Overall it’s a good foundation, but it isn’t high coverage. It performs better than the price suggests, but when it runs out I won’t be repurchasing it.

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