Channeling Coco

The grants and loans that exist for college and university students are meant to ameliorate the cost of education, and surviving by yourself. Some very sensible students use them for this, a good number use them for “social development”, the day I got my first one I used it to hit the Chanel counter. Hard.

I don’t know why I picked Chanel. No-one around me used Chanel, but it was the first place I headed. Because even in my heady “look at all the money I can spend” state I was aware of the fact that I would need to eat at some point in the next six months I didn’t buy all the things I wanted. I did buy Chanel No.5.

Picture from Chanel

In the unlikely event that you’re reading this and have never smelled the mighty No.5 it is best described as smelling like very expensive baby powder. That’s no bad thing, it is a very classic and unmistakable, but it is not ideal on an almost silent slightly maudlin 18 year old. It was too old for me. I did not, as I hoped, capture a sense of vintage glamour. Instead I smelled as though I had stolen my grandma’s scent.

It didn’t stop me wearing it, though people’s reactions did raise some queries in my head. Until I suddenly fell out with it. As quickly as I had fallen in scent-lust with it. I started covering myself in lighter, livelier scents, and buying within the demographic marketeers wanted me to buy in.

However, I did discover a use for my unused Chanel (other than donating to my mother). When I was pregnant I was ridiculously over-sensitive to smells. I could not stand walking through the kitchen because all the scents of herbs, spices and foods combined. It was disgusting. It was also tremendously inconvenient as that happened to be the room that the door opened from the outside into. In a moment of manic desperation I opted to spray the room, in my remaining supply of Chanel No.5. It was the world’s most expensive room spray, but it definitely worked.

Classic scent, and kitchen deodorant; who could ask for more.

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