Mask of dragons

Nip + Fab have some interesting name choices for products (“Viper Venom Frown Fix”, “No Needle Fix”, “Bust Fix”…) and some frankly horrifying ones (the bee venom range – not cool Nip+Fab).

Fortunately the “Dragon’s Blood” range does not contain any actual dragon, but instead a bit of tree. Which is significantly more palatable an idea.

Picture from NipandFab

I’ll be frank, I bought this because it was on offer. The marketing for Nip+Fab does not lure me in; it slightly disturbs me. However, cheap does lure me. Evidently my internal morality is flexible dependent on finance.

The mask is supposed to hydrate and plump. Given that I have chubby cheeks already I can’t say I was hoping for lots of the plumping action, but hydration I’ll take.

The tube lasted a little over three months for an average of one mask a week. Which I feel makes it good value even at full price, but especially at a discount.

However, it’s only genuinely good value if liked, and I can’t honestly say I did. It’s a clear jelly like substance with an inoffensive scent, but on my face it just feels wrong. It didn’t cause irritation, but it just felt somewhat uncomfortable. It didn’t have any discernible effects on my skin. I won’t be re-purchasing.

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