Lancôme Lan-go

I confess I really enjoy cleansing my face. Partly because it’s my time, but also because I weirdly very much enjoy the process.

I don’t especially enjoy the battle of mascara though. Whatever those micellar water people tell me no amount of that stuff is getting off my mascara. I love my cleansing balm, but creamy stuff near my eyes is just too weird for me. So I need a specific eye makeup remover. Well I don’t need it, but I want it.

Photo from FeelUnique

I didn’t want to like Lancôme’s Bi-Facil because all the other skincare products of theirs stink. They stink nicely, not in a sewage type way, but they still stink. And I am not a fan of my face smelling more perfumed than the rest of me.

The Bi-Facil though is genuinely really good. I can see why this sells so well. I am still on the hunt for something that isn’t quite so costly; I begrudge spending money on what is essentially fancy water to clean my eyes. It is very good fancy water for my eyes though. Against my mascara it takes seconds and doesn’t make my eyes sting. Which is always a bonus, crying and shrieking mid makeup removal is just not classy.

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  1. […] Lancôme Bi Facil (Worldwide) I only ended up with this because I’m a fool and fell for a gift with purchase offer. However, that said this is excellent. Doesn’t make me cry (yes Body Shop Camomile eye makeup remover I am looking at you), and gets even the most stubborn mascaras off. I may buy again but not in the immediate future. […]


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