You’re my vitamin

I am verging on addiction to Vitamin C. I have a giant tub (and I mean giant) of it in my kitchen for getting ascorbic acid in me as well as on me. It is my favourite vitamin (B12 is a close second for making sure I don’t pass out like a 18th century novel character). If by some miracle you’ve missed the whole “why vitamin c is jolly good” let me direct you here and here.

One of the reasons I have a very large tub of powdered Vitamin C is thanks to my lifelong love of acidic tastes. I am the eater of all the sour sweets, and cannot imagine why anyone would want their Vitamin C covered up with sweeteners and orangeness. I like my Vitamin C straight from the tub, and so when I went looking for a Vitamin C to put on my skin I was looking with the same mindset.

The Ordinary’s website is honest about the more challenging aspects of the 23% Vitamin C suspension. It feels gritty, and it makes you tingle. Given my existing relationship with Vitamin C these were two of the four factors that attracted me to it.

Image from The Ordinary

The next factor was price; it is insanely cheap. The fourth was the high percentage of Vitamin C (see vaguely unhealthy relationship with Vitamin C outlined above).

They are right there is a tingle, it’s quite nice frankly. I like products that feel like they’re doing something, and this definitely fits the bill. However, I overestimated the ease of dealing with the grittiness. If it were the final product in your routine it would probably be fine, but putting anything on top of it is problematic. I tried it in my morning routine, but it sat funny under three types of SPF. I tried it in my night-time routine and it did not play well with any moisturizers.

For the price it’s a excellent deal (depending on how you feel about Deciem in general…) , but the grittiness just makes it impossible to use. I have one tube left (because I bought in a manic frenzy) which I will just have to restrict to days when I won’t be leaving the house. Or use on my body. I won’t be repurchasing.

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