Sunshine after the rain

Everyone has scents that they really hate. I don’t mean just don’t like, I mean hate. I can spot an Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers wearer at 100 paces because it makes me retch. For my olfactory system it is the EDT equivalent of dog poop.

Then there are scents that feel like love. Scents that just instantly make everything better. For me that scent is Apres L’Ondee, Guerlain’s 1906 conjuring of spring rain.

Picture from Guerlain

I love violet scents, and tastes, so this is a beautiful construction for my nose to enjoy. I can’t remember the first time I smelled this, but I’m fairly sure it was on a lady of a certain age. This is one of those scents that for a long time had very few friends, you certainly can’t buy it in most perfume shops, or even at most Guerlain counters. It seemingly lives only in specialist perfume stores and 68 Champs-Elysées. The world is missing out, it is an exquisite fragrance which makes me feel like a 1930s lady.

It has a faint powdery scent to it along with the violet/iris, and so I understand that for some people it is a little too reminiscent of ‘old ladies’. But if you take away all those connotations and try and ignore visions of octogenarians (who were incidentally likely fabulous young ladies when they picked it) and enjoy.

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