Pour some sugar on me

It isn’t big or clever. It isn’t sophisticated or ladylike. It is, though, one of my favourite perfumes and has been since the moment I first smelled it.

The target market for Pink Sugar is unsurprising; “young girls”. The first time I found it I was not a girl, I was an adult woman, but I still fell hopelessly in lust.

pink sugar
Photo from Amazon

I found it originally in my much beloved back bit of the Boots fragrance section. The part where they keep the cheap stuff, the old stuff, the scents of boybands stuff and the downright weird stuff. As is my want I was sniffing everything I hadn’t seen before, and there began my Pink Sugar affair.

Gourmand perfumes, especially hyper saccharine ones like this, get a lot of flack in the grown up perfume world. Sometimes subtle dismissal and other times outright hatred. There is a certain understanding that being an actual grown up means rejecting candy floss scents in favour of complex leathers, or delicate citruses.

I love my complicated proper adult scents, but they don’t offer me as much comfort as Pink Sugar does. There is something completely satisfying about smelling like candy. Pink Sugar does have other notes, apparently, but the sweetness overrides everything for me. And that is a good thing for me, because when I wear Pink Sugar I want comfort not interesting. I want a hug in an aroma.

For a few years I was separated from my beloved scent because I couldn’t find it anywhere. Anywhere. Then I went to Sephora in Paris and as if it were fate, a giant (relatively speaking) bottle of Pink Sugar was staring right at me. And my nose can be comforted as frequently as I need.

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