Mac daddy

By and large MAC means two things to makeup fans: Viva Glam lipstick and being at the forefront of collaborations in beauty. To me they meant colour.

I had been lurking around an online make up forum working up the bravery long before I set foot in a store. To the uninitiated and shy they are beautiful, but intimidating. Filled with row upon row of colours, guarded by a series of other worldly beings armed with a belt full of brushes.

Image from Debenhams

What finally got me in there was two things: Barbie and Pigments.

The 2007 collection Barbie Loves MAC was like a big ole vat of nectar for this Barbie loving bee. So attached was I to the Barbie collection that I only finally admitted defeat and through away a ten year old eyeshadow (Whistle Pastel) this past December. The great thing about going into even the most intimidating of shops and spending a lot of money is that you get really good service. I’m sure I’d have got good service even if I hadn’t bought as many Barbie items as I could, but it probably didn’t harm.

Bolstered with confidence, and an alarming volume of pink items, I felt that I could venture into MAC once more. I had been furiously reading all the eyeshadow posts in the aforementioned forum and had a serious case of collection envy. No matter that the people with impressive rainbows of colour were either blessed with an income at least twice mine, or it was actually their job to own a lot of make up, I wanted as pretty a collection.

I started to accumulate singles – always the recommended way to purchase – in a whole range of colours I didn’t dare wear outside. Then people on the forum started talking about pigments. I knew what they were from an painting point of view, but for make up this was completely new to me. The pictures though; they were stunning. Even on 2007 internet.

Luckily for me there were people happy to sell off portions of decanted pigments, so I could start my collection small. Inevitably I became convinced that if I bought a “practical” colour a whole tub of pigment it would be sensible. The only real solution.

Pigment is a bit of a pain in the bum. This is particularly the case if you happen to be about as coordinated as a drunk one finned fish. As I am. I do not have steady hand. These are not qualities for an owner of pigments.

I did not, as hoped, end up with eyeshadow that made people stop me on the street to tell me how impressed they were. It did not become the most financially efficient way to make myself up. It did result in a vacuum cleaner with contents worth more than my purse.

And so my relationship with pigments ended almost as quickly as it had begun. My vacuum is still a bit disappointed.

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