Real Gone Mascara

I am not a particular fan of Benefit. I know, practically sacrilege, but I’ve had some rather ugh counter experiences with them.  So I can’t say I was eager to try this mascara that came in a Birchbox. I am, however, ever on a mission to find mascaras that tick all my boxes.

The boxes I’m looking to tick are:

  • Separating
  • Lengthening
  • Not clumpy
  • Not crumbly
  • Black

I am not into the kind of eyelashes that lump together, I know people who love them, but they just don’t appeal to me. So my fantasy mascara would make my lashes look doll-like. I would be the most over-sized doll, but doll is what I’m hoping for.

The wand has quite a lot of spikes, and looks to me like an elongated flail/mace, fortunately it doesn’t have similar results to medieval weaponry. Although I have poked myself in the eye at least twice in the month I’ve been using this, but that’s more operator error than anything up with the wand itself.

Image from
Eye on the left has They’re Real on, eye on the right does not.

I am lucky to have relatively lengthy eyelashes. They are, though, exceptionally badly behaved. The lashes on my left eye spend much time trying to play Twister as best I can tell.

The mascara quite clearly makes a difference to my lashes versus the clean lashes. There is a definite lengthening component to They’re Real.

They’re Real on the eyes

The lengthening aspect of They’re Real is also evident in this picture. However, also evident is the fact that after having been open for three weeks at the point of this picture it started to get clumpy. And drier.

Despite the increased dryness in the tube the mascara is holding up very well in the not crumbling stakes. I haven’t once got to the end of the day and found myself looking like a panda. It does have excellent staying power, to the point that it is a bit of a pain in the bum to remove.

I am still on a hunt for THE ONE, but I would be open to this again.

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