Not So Red Alert

I confess to a pre-existing bias with this. I like Eyeko mascaras. Partly because it’s so easy to get them in travel size (I switch so often I don’t want tonnes to get through), but mostly because I’m enamoured with their toothpaste like tubes. Lash Alert is the third of theirs I’ve tried. It apparently is

A botanical-fueled energising formula, infused with caffeine and a double dose of fibres to lift the sleepiest of ‘bed lashes’ for perkier volume

I’m not entirely convinced that caffeine is going to have that much of an impact on eyelashes, which are essentially dead, but I’m happy to be told otherwise.

from dermstore
Picture from Dermstore

The wand is one of those funky bendy type ones, but apart from the curve it looks pretty much any other mascara wand around.

Presumably the shape is designed to help make lashes curl, but as I use a lash curler before I put mascara on it’s hard to disambiguate what difference it makes.




Lash Alert does seem to lengthen the appearance of my lashes (annoyingly the only photo that was in focus was with eyes closed!) It also separates well, and didn’t clump.

However, it did crumble a bit, and even past my dark circles (ugh) I can spot some flakes in the photograph below.

With mascara
no mascara





While I am on a mission to try as many mascaras as I can until I fall in mascara love I won’t repurchase, and the crumbling is somewhat off-putting, but in a pinch this would do.

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