Barely There

Over the past few months I have got more comfortable with foundation, for a start they aren’t the thick terrifying substances of my childhood. However, when I realised I wanted to try foundation once again, I knew I wanted something very light weight.

In steps the mighty Space NK, a very nice man, and the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser.

Photo from Laura Mercier

First things first; ignore the SPF 20 nonsense. There is literally no way this could possibly give you SPF 20 benefits unless you are wearing it like a mask. And it’s essentially a BB cream so that’s a) pointless; and b) probably nigh on impossible. I’m not going to try.

I am the pastiest shade in this, porcelain, and it comes out of the tube alarmingly pink. It does not look like it should go on my face. It looks like it will make me appear as if I have rolled in a tub of blusher. Remarkably though, it blends in and I do not end up looking like a missing cast member from In the Night Garden.

It is very low coverage though. This is not for those days when you feel like the undead, or look like you might be harbouring the plague. This is for “could almost go make-up free” days. Unless you purchase a shade so wildly away from your natural skin tone you could probably get away with something that doesn’t quite match. Which is just as well as the deepest tone is not that deep at all: there are 12 kinds of beige and only three genuine browns.

It doesn’t smell unappealing, there is a slight French makeup scent, but nothing offensive. This is not Lancôme and their alarming desire to make everything smell from a good six feet away. However, there is definitely a scent of some kind so for those sensitive is perhaps best avoided. There are alternates.

Will I buy this when I finish it? Probably not. It’s perfectly nice, but I’ve tried things since that I like better. It is very good at what it does (bar the SPF), but it isn’t good enough to justify the £34/$45 price for me.

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