A little death

When I was first seriously getting into make-up I read manically every forum or blog to find out what were the essentials. What did the cool kids recommend? Amongst the hundreds of MAC lipstick recommendations was one blusher, just one blush; NARS Orgasm.

So cult is this item now that there’s a whole collection around the excitable little thing.

Photo from Nars

According to the beauty powers that be (AKA Beauty Editors) this is a “universally flattering shimmery golden-pink “. It was going to be, I was assured, an absolute essential in my cosmetic wardrobe.  It would go with any lipstick or eyeshadow I might pick, but most importantly it would go with me.

What I didn’t really consider, as I dutifully ordered my body weight in cult make-up, was that I might not like it. It never stuck me that the concept of “universally flattering” might be a bit of marketing schtick.

For, on me, it is not flattering. It does not make me look like I am having a heart stopping exciting time, it makes me look like I am having a heart attack. I lightened my hand time after time, to the point that I was putting literally zero blush on my face.

It’s one of the reasons I’m fairly cynical about the concept of universally flattering make-up. For example, one of my colleagues and I are both fans of pink. She has deep dark skin (think a tad darker than Naomi Campbell, whereas my complexion is closer to that of Nicky Campbell). She looks amazing in pastel pink and big fuchsia statements. Pastels make me look even more ghoul like than normal, and while I can do those bold fuchsias it has to be tempered by something neutral. Conversely I can rock an old rose, or mauve tinged pink, and they just make her look very unwell.

My blush collection these days varies through pinks and corals. None of them are cult. None appear on the most recommended list, but they are me flattering.

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