A surge of scent

I love scent. Nice scents obviously, but I do love scent. A few years ago my dedication to scent ran so deeply that I had half a perfume house in my house. Nowadays I’m a bit more restrained and have donated to friends enough that I’m down to a comfortable twenty. For some (read: my mother) that is 19 too many. I am not a signature scent person. In the same way I am not a signature cake or sandwich person. I like variety in my life.

One perfume that runs no risk of being decluttered is Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens.

serge lutens
Image from Fragrantica

It was not my first expensive perfume, although it is the most expensive, and it does not have any nostalgic attachments. It is, however, the nicest thing I have ever smelled in my life. Where Pink Sugar is a reassuring blanket, and Opium is a sexy dress, Un Bois Vanille is a simple but incredibly stylish outfit. It is the scent equivalent of hanging around with Anna Wintour.

Much like the most stylish of outfits, less is more with this scent. It can overwhelm, but I love it. Vanilla is generally a lovely, but quite childlike scent. In this it is absolutely grown up. It’s not a challenging scent, not like some of Fredrick Malle’s, or anything with too much tuberose in (that might be just me). But it is most definitely not a scent for feeling childlike. This is not innocent. This is knowing. This is the greatest smell in my house.

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