Lavender blue dilly dilly

I don’t know when I first saw a lilac lipstick, but I know it was in the mighty (and very strange) TG Stores. In amongst all the wild pinks, daring reds and slightly corpse like browns; there was a beautiful pale lilac.

It came home with me. My mother was horrified. It was the first of many lilac and lavender lipsticks. All of which have continued to horrify her, though she tries to pretend she isn’t fazed nowadays.

When I was 16 I painted half my bedroom dark purple, and half lime green. To me it was the greatest interior decoration ever. Though, I will ever have a soft spot from Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen so it’s possible my interior design choices aren’t typical. This decor pretty much sums up my approach to, and eternal love for the rainbow. After a fairly epic falling out at home (not over my decorating) I moved in with a friend and his mother.

My friend and I had bonded over his burgeoning desire to be a drag queen, and my burgeoning desire for the world to be covered in sparkles. Despite the love of not only the glorious Queens but The Queen Dolly Parton my friend has a long term relationship with beige. So much beige. It was the most aesthetically painful experience. I had never known there were so many shades of neutral. And as far as he was concerned the only mufti appropriate lipsticks were red and pink. No lavender, no lilac, and definitely no blue.

We parted domestic ways after it became apparent that his mother was even more terrifying than mine, but I did come to realise that my love of rainbow lipsticks was not that socially acceptable. People did look at me weirdly, they did clearly make judgements about me; and I wasn’t sure I liked what I thought those judgements might be.

So I reigned in my love of lilac lippie. My collection became office appropriate (before it vanished altogether) . But the inner ten year old stood in TG Stores finding the perfect purple pout has not gone. She’s just been in hiding, and she’s back.

Oh boy is she back. She’s back with lilac, lavender and bright violet lipsticks. She’s back with lime green eyeshadow, blue mascara and she does not give a damn. She doesn’t care if people think she’s a weirdo (she is, happily so) or underestimate her because looks like a My Little Pony picked her cosmetics. Because she is happy being herself. And the last time she felt like this was when she was that ten year old, and she intends to stay this happy, doing whatever darn thing with her face that she pleases. Forever.


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