FOMO Fo’ sure

I like to think of myself as resistant to trends. I mean I have always been the outlier in any friendship groups. Too edgy for the regular kids, too vanilla for the edgy crowd. And is a place I’ve always been quite happy to occupy. My taste in the not typical has preserved me from a lot of very silly shopping decisions in my life.

But I’m not immune to peer influence, or the much discussed FOMO. Mostly my FOMO affects my diet causing me to buy every vegan foodstuff possible, just in case it disappears FOREVER!

FOMO also caused me to purchase the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette.

Photo from Urban Decay

I bought it because somehow I convinced myself that I did like it. After reading hours of MakeUpAlley, Reddit and other corners of the internet covered in blush I concluded that I needed a Naked palette. No matter that it is essentially a tunnel of brown with a grey ending; I needed it. For context my wardrobe has 1 brown item. It is a jacket which I have owned for years and is falling to pieces. The other items in my wardrobe are a bit like a rainbow vomited onto hangers. I am not a neutrals girl.

I tried, honestly I tried. But it became evident quite quickly that as nice as the shadows are they bored me. They do indeed feel lovely, and they blend beautifully. But they are brown. Lots of brown. Yes it’s slightly orangey brown, and a slightly pinky brown, but that is a lot of brown. And no amount of FOMO can make me into a beige and brown fan.

I suspect it’s due to a lifetime of helpful people telling that as a redhead I should wear a lot of brown. To emphasise my autumnal nature, and presumably to make me look even more tree like. My natural rebellious streak has presented itself in a love of all the other seasonal shades.

The palette, for the curious, has been re-homed. To someone who likes neutrals and wears them well. Except the brush, because that is really very good for a free with palette brush, so that I have kept.

Is there anything FOMO has led you to buying?

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