I love the smell of corn in the morning

At the risk of sounding like Brick Tamland  or Helen Adams* – I love smells. Clearly there are some I’m not keen on, but generally speaking I just like scents. I have a very good sense of smell so smell is the first thing I notice to be “not quite right”. I don’t buy things if they don’t smell right (I also don’t have things that have the ‘wrong’ texture but that’s genuinely weird, even I acknowledge that).

In many ways Demeter’s Scent Library is the perfect product for me. Do I occasionally want to smell like an Earthworm? Yes I do. Do I like the idea of breezing into a room smelling of a Giant Sequoia? Damn right I do.

Image from The Independent

I had read and heard much about the scents before I saw them in real life. I like to think some part my internal willing for them to be somewhere I could buy them helped get them to me. Market forces are more likely, but I prefer my idea.

When they appeared – I the random scent area of Boots, of all places – I wanted every single one on the shelf. All of them. I sat on the floor in the shop layering a multitude of scents on my arms. I’m fairly sure I left the shop smelling like some awful road accident.

I restrained myself to just a few, and knowing that those around me are not so enamoured with me wandering around smelling of Pipe Tobacco or Saddle, I kept to the likes of Vanilla Ice Cream.

They are, to me, one of the best ideas in perfume. Single note scents are perfect for mixing up your own fragrance.

All I really need for them to do is add in Tarmac and Creosote; then they’ll have a customer for life.


*- I wouldn’t normally link The Sun but it was the only video that came up when I searched for Helenisms, and they really need to be seen.

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