Poetry in motion

If you were a Lady with a capital L in the late nineteenth century, or a part of the thirties cruising set you’d know Worth. Not as in value, though I’m sure Nancy Mitford would have a thing or three to say on that matter, but Worth, the couture house. The Queen knows who Worth are. By and large I would suggest most people, who are not the Queen,  do not know who Worth are.

While Worth are still alive and kicking they are not the glamorous go to brand that they once were. At the height of their celebrity though they released one of the most poetic perfume lines, a story in bottles.

The poem started in 1920 with Dans la nuit, but paused until 1924 for the next line. Which would be the worst stand up poetry session.

Image from Amazon

The whole perfume stanza reads; Dans la nuit, vers le jour, sans adieu, je reviens, vers toi. The theme of the perdue names is what drew me to them. I heard the story of them when I was a child (what can I say I was the coolest of kids) and from that instant wanted them. It didn’t matter to me what they smelled like, I just needed to have this beautiful scent poem.

For many years the only one of the set that I had ever seen was Je Reviens, lurking around in the no-man’s-land section of Boots. I didn’t want it by itself, that’s like just going to see the one that no-one remember’s the name of in Backstreet Boys play a set in a community centre. I wanted the whole poem.

One day, at one of those outlet places my perfume dream came true. A whole set of the poetic scents was sat waiting for me to buy. Even better they were in miniature form, and there is nothing greater than mini anything. So into my world came five little perfumes.

They sat, in their boxes, in order, for months. It took me ages to use them. I’m not sure why. When I did use them it was underwhelming. Most of my most favourite scents are from the same period, I love my Guerlain scents, but the Worth scents were not worth the wait. They were a bit dull. Anticipation is a destroyer of all fun.

The set sat back on my shelf for a year or two until I admitted defeat, and one by one they left my house.

Is there anything that you’ve wished for and then it’s not turned out how you’ve hoped?


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