Je t’aime

In my never -ending pursuit of red lipstick that works for me I ventured into the world of sort of glosses. Nars call it a Lip Tint, but I’m sticking with sort of gloss because that’s what it is.

There’s lots of discussion to be had about Nars’ more recent business decisions (all welcome), in the meantime let’s discuss the Nars x Charlotte Gainsbourg Lip Tint in Double Decker.

Image from Nars

It is quite clearly a red when it initially goes on the lip, but as befits something called a tint it is quite sheer. It feels like lip gloss (because whatever Nars call it, it is essentially lip gloss), and is a wee bit sticky. It feels rather lovely going on, which is fortunate because I have to reapply this approximately once every hour. It has terrible staying power. It is some kind of miracle that I have not already run out of this.

However, that said I do rather enjoy using this. Partly because it makes me feel vaguely connected to the goddess of cool that is Charlotte Gainsbourg, but it is genuinely nice to use. When it does finally run out (which I predict won’t take that long) I won’t replace it but am on the look out for something similar.

Any suggestions of something similar?

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