It’s prime time

After spending some time thinking that I was just shockingly bad at putting on base makeup, I’ve come to the conclusion that silicones are not my friend. I may well still be shockingly bad at foundation, but after finding myself primerless one day I realised. It’s not me, it’s them.

It turns out that your foundation can, in fact, stay on your face without bobbling off, and that I can keep it on my face.

That’s not to say I have abandoned primers all together. But they’re more of a 1 in 5 days event and the one I have most recently fallen in love with is the Too Faced Primed & Peachy primer. This might be in part because it smells glorious. If you don’t want your face to smell like pudding for a few minutes (it’s gone by about half an hour ) then avoid, but if like me you do then this is lush.

Does it blur? Not a clue. Other people must know every inch of their face better than I know mine.
Does it keep foundation on? The Too Faced Peach Perfect one yes definitely. Others I don’t know because like a child with their favourite part of the meal I didn’t want to waste it on foundations I like less!
Is this a helpful review? Probably not. But if you like the foundation the primer is a good purchase.


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