Glossing over it

The word gloss conjures up two images in my head – one is the aroma of window sills being painted, the other is the feeling of hair being stuck to my face. I spent a long time avoiding anything labelled gloss.

So it was with some trepidation that I ended up at Christmas time with two items labelled gloss. The Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick came in a tin, two of them to be exact. One a beige nude and the other a plummy red.

soap and glory

The gloss word was very off-putting, as was the beige. But I was intrigued, and so I tried them. And darn it they’ve only gone and resulted in a new found love of gloss and nude lipsticks.

First off it’s not a gloss in the traditional sense because it’s a stick – hence the name. Putting it on is like using a proper lipstick, which makes the whole experience more straightforward. I started with the plummy one because I was worried the nude one would make me look undead.

My lips stayed successfully plum until eating, which I forgive since every lip product I’ve ever used is defeated by food. It took a while for me to warm up to even trying the beige nude. When I did though I had to suck up all my assumptions, because I don’t look undead. It does however, look totally perfect with lively eye looks. It has also been a gateway to more nude lipsticks, a thing I thought I would never willingly own.

And it seems, luckily for me that lipglosses as a whole have improved significantly since I last tried them. Which has opened up a whole new world of shiny lips…



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