It was bad enough having to write a bio for my LinkedIn page (and frankly I sound totally bananas in that) without writing one for a thing I do for enjoyment. So herein a range of random facts about me.

  1. My hair is sort of red/ginger. It was much more ginger when I was a child; positively carrot like. It no longer is.
  2. I cut my own hair. It’s a bit below shoulder length with layers. Going to the hairdresser is stressful enough that I’m willing to take the risk that I might look a doofus.
  3. I don’t eat meat, fish, dairy, eggs, gelatin or honey. Or broccoli, because it makes my insides hurt, which makes me sad because broccoli is fabulous. Or kale, because no matter how many recipes I try it still tastes vile.
  4. I am positively evangelical about SPF. I’ve been wearing it everyday since I was about 17/18 (maybe earlier). I cannot fathom why other people would not use it, especially when they spend a fortune on other anti-aging things.
  5. I have Auditory Processing Disorder, which lots of people think is imaginary (but these are usually the same people who think that Dyslexia is imaginary so ho hum…). It means I really really have to concentrate when people are talking to me, because my brain translates things wrong. I mishear a lot, especially with people who are new to me, or who mumble. Weirdly I frequently find people speaking English as a second language much easier to understand, even with a heavy accent.
  6. Three of my most treasured possessions are a 1930s gramophone, a 1960s perfume advert and an early twentieth century photograph of an unnamed relative of mine. I know she’s my relative because she looks so like me people think it’s one of those fake pictures you get from theme parks.
  7. I don’t like theme parks. They’re loud, full of people and I don’t really want to be scared half to death let alone pay a fortune for it.
  8. I do like chocolate (Vego bars rock), chocolate spread sandwiches, marzipan, faux cheese toasties, potato waffles, hot chocolate, porridge, tea, avocados, raspberries, blueberries, melon, and bread. My diet of choice would be the same as your average 6 year old given the choice. And given a lot less guilt.
  9. I own a specific set of crockery for breakfast. It’s by Portmeirion and Kelloggs. I love it. Breakfast is the best meal.
  10. I love walking. It is the best therapy for me. I am calmer and more focussed. Also it is addictive. Really addictive.

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